WHAT is an Apostille Certification?

Apostille Certification is the process of authenticating public documents for international use.

​An “Apostille”, a French word meaning “marginal note”, is a way of clarifying the authenticity of the seals and signatures of the officials seen on a public document.  

An Apostille Certification also checks on the capacity of the signatory reflected on the document.

An Apostille is often attached to your original public document to verify if it is legitimate and authentic. The Apostille Certification and the original public document should be joined together at all times.

Under the agreed terms during the 1961 Hague Convention, documents should undergo a legalization process before it can be used internationally. The said convention abolished the requirement for the legalization of foreign public documents and systemized the process. 

The Apostille is an instrument that is being used worldwide and countries are accepting this validation procedure due to its practicality.

With globalization and world trade, the need for documents to be accepted internationally has spiked and the applications for an Apostille Certification certainly has risen.  


WHY should I get one?

If you will be presenting original public documents in a foreign country, it is best to know what the requirements are to make sure that your public document will be accepted. 

In many cases, one important requirement of authenticating your document is getting an Apostille Certification.

With the progressing multi-cultural population in New York City, the need for Apostille services experienced a high demand.  Be it for your business or personal usage, having your original public documents authenticated through Apostille Certification is a must.

Apostille Certifications can be attached to various original public documents such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Notarial Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Court orders
  • or any other document issued by a public authority.

With an Apostille Certification, you will now be able to use your original public documents for any legal transaction you undergo because those are now deemed legitimate and authentic.

With an Apostille Certification, you will now be able to use your original public documents for any legal transaction you undergo because those are now deemed legitimate and authentic.

Having these documents in your hands will open new options and opportunities for you and your career.

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WHEN will I be required to get one?

There will be a lot of instances where you will be required to prepare or submit an apostilled original public document. Listed below are a few examples:

  • International marriages,
  • Applications for studies,
  • Residency or citizenship in a foreign state,
  • International relocation,
  • Inter-country adoption procedures,
  • International business transactions and foreign investment procedures,
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights abroad,
  • Foreign legal proceedings, and more.

THE PROCEDURE of acquiring one

To reduce the chance of fraud, your document should be notarized by a certified notary public. By being notarized, the receiver can be assured that the presented document is valid and can be trusted. Having your documents notarized also increases the chance of it being accepted for Apostille.

Before proceeding to this step, make sure that all of your documents are registered in the same county where your notary public is registered.

After seeing that all your documents are in order, the County Clerk now will provide you an acknowledgment certificate. Keep this certificate safe, this is an important document you will be needing for the next step.

To finish the process, submit the following to the New York Department of State:

  • acknowledgment certificate issued by the County Clerk
  • a completed application form
  • duly authenticated documents
  • and the processing fee


After the good office will find your documents in order, they will now finally give you that awaited Apostille stamp.
That is a lot of work, I know. For a busy person like you that has a lot of things going on, there is no more time for you to go through the long and, oftentimes, complicated process.
It is a good thing that Lower Manhattan Mobile Notary and Apostille (LM2NA) is here to help you get that Apostille Certification for your document.
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