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WHAT is Mobile Fingerprinting?

Mobile fingerprinting involves the fingerprint technician to go to the location of the client to take his or her fingerprints.  Just like Mobile Notary, mobile fingerprinting goes where the clients are. It is an on-site service where people can avail of scanned or inked methods of collection of their unique fingerprints.

Also, Mobile Fingerprinting is available anytime. Individuals or groups that have only certain periods where they are available can now easily avail of various fingerprinting services.


WHY Mobile Fingerprinting?

Below are two reasons why to avail Mobile Fingerprinting:


Mostly, it is groups of people who need fingerprint services. These groups often do their jobs in buildings or offices. They have no time to go to firms offering fingerprint services. The solution: Mobile Fingerprinting.

Professionals now can avail of this service at their work location. They can worry no more about wasting time in the long and frustrating drive through traffic. This saves people from the hassle of going to the police station. They can just do what they do best while waiting to have their fingerprints inked or scanned. 

It does not matter if it is only you or you are with a group. Mobile fingerprinting services can accommodate any number of people that need fingerprint collection services. 

Mobile fingerprinting also removes the hassle of traveling and commuting. It will go straight to a location that is convenient for you to collect your fingerprint details.


Nowadays, the importance of having your fingerprints scanned or inked has risen. This is because it is needed for various reasons.  Fingerprints are used for background checks for government employees, those seeking various licenses, individuals who work with children, and a lot more. 

Some Industries That Regularly Need Fingerprint Services

• Financial Service Companies (Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Securities, NASD, Mortgage)
• Medical Industry including home health care
• Legal Professionals
• Employment Agencies
• Adoption
• Security Companies
• Education
• Gaming Industry
• Liquor Authority   

And a lot more…

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Your fingerprint is an important part of your identity. Its details should be properly captured and recorded.
Good thing Lower Manhattan Mobile Notary and Apostille  has a team of well-equipped and highly trained fingerprint technicians ready to serve you. 

It is our priority to properly collect a unique piece of your identity, that is why we provide you the best experts and use only the latest technology in fingerprint collection.  
We will go to where you are to give you the best there is in mobile fingerprinting.

And let us discuss how we can help you with MOBILE FINGERPRINTING.


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