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WHAT is a Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary is any notary public who, upon request, travels from one location to another to conduct notarial work and service.  Different from an in-office or remote notary, usually a mobile notary goes to the location where the client is.

​Making sure that your legal documents and paperwork are done right is a must. Executing legal papers without the aid of a knowledgeable person can be very risky.


Fraud is rampant in the society and it is necessary to have a notary public at your side when entering a transaction.
But due to a lot of factors, finding the time to visit a notarial office to have your documents notarized is becoming difficult.

Having this layer of security provided for you in every transaction you enter is somehow becoming out of reach due to factors such as notary public availability, distance of the notary’s office to you, and the dreaded city traffic.

Notarized public documents often are required to achieve certain opportunities that you will be encountering in life. And these opportunities may just pass you by if you do not possess such notarized documents.

Mobile Notary services are created for these types of events. You can now have your documents executed and notarized by a mobile notary anywhere you are and anytime you want.


WHY should you use one?

Utilizing mobile notary services can be beneficial either for you personally or for your business. These are the 5 reasons why you should consider using mobile notary services:

Effective and Professional Transactions

New York driving and traffic can be time-consuming and, a lot of times, frustrating.  Do not waste time and instead of waiting in traffic, where you will be spending your precious time traveling, have the notary public go to a location that is convenient for you.

Unlike notary offices, which will make you adjust to their schedule, a mobile notary can be booked anytime. You can count on a professional notary to come to you at any day or hour and get your documents prepared and signed fast.


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Mobile Notaries do not follow traditional business operating hours. Their availability to those who require notarial services are their main focus.

This flexibility enables mobile notaries to go to multiple locations at even after-office hours just to serve clients and get their documents notarized immediately. Mobile notaries also are useful for emergencies such as the drafting of a last-minute will.

Wherever you are, even if you are out in the field, in the middle of a small town, at the center of a bustling city, or just lounging in the comfort of your own home, a mobile notary public can come and visit you anytime when you need them to ensure that all of your documents are in order and notarized.

Assistance for All Parties

The condition of having all parties present when signing documents to verify identity sometimes can be a struggle. It is not always assured that each party involved in the document signing is physically present.

Logistics, health, and location are primary factors of such a struggle. The mobile notary can prepare a suitably sized location that is accessible for every party involved in the signing.

For ease of use and convenience, a mobile notary public can provide onsite services to even their elderly, ill, or bedridden clients. They can bring the vital documents to hospitals, nursing facilities, and/or homes. This service alleviates the worries that each party might have in signing documents.
 With this, the mobile notary can help their clients and the parties involved fulfill the condition of verifying identities.


Sensible Pricing

The cost of a mobile notary service may vary depending on the state law, as different jurisdictions have a maximum chargeable fee and the number of documents that are needed to be notarized.

Normally there are flat fee rates for notarizations but when dealing with a mobile notary, expect to have a bump in the total price that you will be paying. This will be inclusive of an additional charge for travel time and mileage.

However, considering the value and convenience that the service rendered by the mobile notary has provided you, what you spend is much less compared to the amount and time you might lose due to the missed life and business opportunities.

More Focus

It takes both time and effort to maintain your business. Especially when you are still starting one, you will not have enough time to take care of your documents being notarized. You will have a lot of work that needs to be done and sometimes working long days and irregular hours becomes a norm.Hiring a mobile notary is a no-brainer for the upstart business owner. Now you can focus and devote your time to the growth of your business while the mobile notary handles all your notary service needs.

Minimizing your risk is an important component in any transaction. And having a notary public at your side no matter where you are and any time of the day helps.

Lower Manhattan Mobile Notary and Apostille knows that and will provide this layer of security for you right at your doorstep. We will aid you in your transaction anytime within New York and its 5 Boroughs. 


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