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WHAT are Process Servers?

Process Servers are dedicated individuals who serve legal documents and do the procedure of giving appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party.

​Such a procedure is known as Process Service.  The primary role of process servers is to deliver valuable legal documents to a defendant or persons involved in a court case. 

Process servers are legally required to properly serve legal documents based on the guidelines laid out by their state.

​After serving the legal documents, they should provide a notarized proof of service to the person or company who required those documents to be served.

They also are needed not just in serving various legal documents but also other tasks such as filing court papers and document retrieval. 

Process Servers play a major significance in upholding due process of the law. By ensuring highly effective and proper delivery of valuable court documents, also known as “process”, individuals with cases will be informed and courts may properly rule on a case.

Some examples of legal documents being distributed by Process Servers are the following:

  • Summons and complaints
  • Divorce Papers
  • Family court documents
  • Citations
  • Landlord/Tenant Notices
  • Petitions
  • Subpoenas
  • Show to cause order
  • Motions
  • Discovery documents 
  • Small claims court cases
  • And other pertinent legal documents


Legal methods of service process

If you want your documents handled by efficient, reliable, and professional hands, Lower Manhattan Mobile Notary and Apostille (LM2NA) is here for you. 

We at LM2NA will provide you with a team of trustworthy and effective Process Servers to handle the delivery of your legal documents. Have peace of mind that your documents will reach the intended receiver.

To ensure the delivery of your documents, we use two legal methods of service process, these are: 

    • PERSONAL: a traditional and highly accepted way of serving process.
    • SUBSTITUTED: a method used when the receiver is not in his or her address.

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Either we:

    • leave the summon/complaint to a person at the defendants home who is of age and understands the responsibility of accepting service or;
    • Put the summon/complaint at the entrance of the defendant’s home or business then mail them a copy of the legal papers.

When serving legal documents, we also follow a schedule below: 

    • ROUTINE: Process Servers make the 1st of 3 attempts within 7 business days.
    • RUSH: Process Servers make the 1st of 3 attempts within 3 business days.
    • SAME DAY: Process Servers makes the 1st of 3 attempts when possible on the same day it is received.

We will be persistent in delivering your message to that person or group. We have established and are implementing a systematic approach in the distribution of documents where the only option for your intended receiver is to accept the legal document you sent him or her.


And let us discuss how we can our PROCESS SERVER team be of service to you.


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