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Don’t let the need to get important documents notarized cause you any worry or strress. 

Our team of notarization professional are experienced in making sure all documents are notarized correctly. 

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Queens Mobile Notary

Having trouble finding a high quality and reliable notary public near you?

Perhaps you just searched notary public Queens near me” or “notary public Queens”?

We’re guessing you would also like to get your  documents notarized without having to waste time in traffic? We feel you. That is why we will give you exactly what you need.

A Safe, efficient, and cost-effective notary and apostille service right at your doorstep! Further still,  if you need fingerprinting in Queens,  our service suite includes that too. 

We’re a notary public mobile service that delivers these much-needed services to you.  Now you can focus on the things that matter and not worry about the hassle and legwork required to do notary related matters. 

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I had a great experience. Mike helped me out very fast. He was able to notarize a document I needed the same day. He is amicable and very knowledgeable. He is now my notary forever and I am recommending them to everyone needing this kind of service.
Holly Tenisha
Holly Tenisha
Excellent service, good attention to details, and professional. Grace was amazing. I was very pressured about my upcoming wedding in the DR. I needed a lot of documents with Apostille, but Grace made it easier for me. I brought my documents and everything was done in just two days. I greatly recommend this company to anybody needing this kind of service.
Hamill Link
Hamill Link
Highly recommended notary public! Ken was very detailed and professional. I was amazed by how fast I was able to have this kind of appointment and make my document complete. I am looking forward to use his service again. Don’t hesitate to contact him!
Bedgood Hilliker
Bedgood Hilliker
How To Make Sure Your Notarizd Document Is Free Of Errors (Infographic)

Queens Mobile Notary Service

Never worry about fraudulent legal documents anymore. You can have us go to where you are and assist you in making sure that paperwork is done correctly. Schedule an appointment now and have a notary public by your side anytime. We go where we are needed. 

Friendly & Professional 

Competitive prices

We Come to your house or business

ABOUT Queens Mobile Notary and Apostille

We’re a notary in Queens made up of a collection of legal experts and professionals who are always ready to get your documents notarized  around -the -clock anywhere in New York City and its 5 Boroughs especially Queens. 

We deliver you services that are:


  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: our notary professionals are well-trained and are equipped with the latest advancements in service security. We treat your documents like treasure.
  • EFFICIENT AND TIME-SAVING: backed by a huge pool of talented legal staff, the turnaround time for your documents to be notarized may just take a few hours. 
  •  COST-EFFECTIVE: using a flat-rate system for our services, you can guarantee that you will be paying a just amount for the service you get.  No-hidden fees!

Our company always keeps in mind that litigation, lawsuits, and legal documentation are complicated matters.  That is why here at Queens Mobile Notary and Apostille. We strive to make it all easy for you.

Take a look at our services and just click on where we can help you. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 




Certified legal documents, especially when you are in a foreign country, is important. Let us handle the hassle and work in authenticating your document.

You can also track the progress of your document all-throughout the process through our 24/7 customer service hotline.  


If a person you are looking for suddenly “went off the grid”, we can help you locate him or her.

Let our expert skip tracers and conduct thorough investigations with professionalism and efficiency. We will reunite you and that guy/girl in no time. 


We has a team of reliable and dedicated Process Servers ready to serve you anytime.

We provide effective service of the process of your important legal documents with unparalleled professionalism and care. 


Having the right document in hand is crucial in any transaction. Its presence, or absence, sometimes can change lives. 

But you can always count on us to have your back. We will provide you the necessary documents you need for any legal transaction you get into. 


Our fingerprint is an important part of our identity. Because of that, it is just the right thing to do to let us handle your fingerprinting needs. Our talented technicians are ready to deliver the latest in fingerprint technology to you.

“If you want to save time getting documents notarized, use this service”

– Ben, Tribeca


So that you, our dear client, will have an increased level of trust with Queens Mobile Notary and Apostille, We will be providing you with copies of the following;

> New York City Commission Card

> Tax Identification Number

> New York City Certificate of Authority

> Notary Errors and Omissions Policy Number

> Liability Insurance Coverage Information

We never hide anything from you. If you want more information regarding us, feel free to contact us through the different channels we will provide you.  Our lines are open 24/7 ready to address your concern, answer your queries, and provide you solutions. 

Rest assured that any detail you give us will be handled with utmost sensitivity and privacy. All given data to us by you is taken care of by our security and compliance center. You and your information are in good hands. 

The Best Queens Mobile Notary


  • Notarization services in your home or business
  • All Document Types
  • Apostille

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We keep things simple.

Call our friendly team & tell us what service you need

Book a time that suits you

Get your documents notarized without taking up any of your time

Notarization does not need to be time consuming or an inconvenience

Certificate Being Notarized By Queens Mobile Notary And Apostille


We are dedicated to. serving you well.

We value your time. That is why when you book an appointment, our professional staff will be there to serve your needs and fast.  Anytime within New York City and its 5 Boroughs especially Queens.

We arrive early and we are going to stay as long as the work is done properly.  We will be with you throughout the process. 

Now, you do not have to worry.

Queens Mobile Notary and Apostille is here to help you with your Notary Public needs.


Notary Accessories

Excellent Rates

All Document Types Notarized


“Professional and fast. They came to my office within 60 minutes of me calling them. I will always use them going forward”
​- Tna. M –  Battery Park

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